Our refill system – how it works and why it’s such a win for the environment

Our refill system – how it works and why it’s such a win for the environment

Our refill system – how it works and why it’s such a win for the environment

We’ve been proud stockists of Fill Refill refillable cleaning products for over 4 years now, with 2.5 of those been in our previous Warwickshire based shop. When we relocated some 200 miles away to Durham, we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to continue offering a refill service because we no longer had a physical shop.

However, we came across the Coxhoe Market at the Coxhoe Village Hall and took a chance with some hand soap and washing up liquid. We brought them along to the market with us, and the response was fabulous, exactly what we wanted, and needed to help continue reducing waste.

Our current collection of refillable cleaning is small in comparison to what it once was, but we’ve had to adapt to a new way of working, and let me tell you, hauling 20 litre drums of liquid is hard work! So currently, we offer just 4 products, whilst hoping that we can gradually add to this as time goes on.

So how does the refill system work, and what can you get from us?

We have 4 Fill Refill products available in our refill station that we take to the Coxhoe Village Hall market on the first Saturday of each month (with the exception of August and September 2024 this year). The products available are:

  • Hand soap
  • Washing up liquid
  • All Purpose cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner (which by the way is AMAZING for clearing limescale!)

We buy in 20 litre drums of each cleaning product from the Northamptonshire based Fill Refill. We chose this company because they were very local to our shop in Warwickshire, and their products are incredible, so we stuck with them after our move. We use the drums to refill your bottles, and then when they are empty, they are returned to Fill HQ where they are cleaned and reused – creating an absolutely superb closed-loop system, meaning there is no waste! A win for customers, and the environment!

When we are at the market, you’ll find us (almost always in the left-hand corner as you come in) with our 20 litre drums, weighing scales and pre-filled glass bottles, ready and raring to refill!

I’ve put together a few frequently asked questions here, that will hopefully help you understand the system even more