Scourers: An unusual love affair

Scourers: An unusual love affair

Why do we love our EcoCoconut Scourers so much?

Firstly, I’ll say it’s not because it’s an easy thing to type. So many C & O’s! It’s not because I love washing up either. In fact, I hate it. I’m the cook mostly. Graeme washes up.

But these scourers. They make the chore so much easier. Graeme uses them ALL the time. And they last for what seems like forever.

A recent customer review highlighted this when they said:

I bought a pack of these last summer from GJF not long before they closed their shop in Southam. I am still using the second one. They are indestructible and easy to clean. Great way to reduce your use of plastic.” (June 2023)

We closed our shop in July 2022, and each pack comes with 2 scourers, so this customer has got at least 6 months out of one scourer! Amazing right? When you think about the plastic sponge scourers that take a complete battering when they’re tasked with a tough lasagne dish, lasting a matter of weeks, in comparison the EcoCoconut Scourers win hands down.

You might have seen or heard me talking about the time when Graeme opened a BRAND NEW (!!) scourer pack and decided to give our BBQ its first clean of the year. Horror and shock were my initial feelings. I mean, why would you do that? Why?! I was convinced it would destroy the scourer. But Graeme, in an unusually relaxed state about this bizzare course of action, reassured me it would be fine. Like heck would it be I thought.

BUT, I was wrong. Completely wrong. Sure, it needed a bit of a soapy wash (with our Fill & Co washing up liquid of course), but it was fine! After cleaning a BBQ, it was fine! No damage, no loss of fibres, no BBQ cack stuck to it. We used it for about 6 months after that before we decided it was time to get another out.

The scourers don’t scratch either. At first glance or feel, you might think they will, but the coconut fibres they are made from are great, they scrub away the tough to clean areas, but don’t scratch the pans. You might find in your first few uses that you lose a few fibres, or there’s a bit of ‘dust’ but this soon stops. This is because they are made from natural fibres, and completely plastic free.

Keep them clean and store in a dry space after use to ensure you get the best out of them for as long as possible.

Each pack of 2 scourers will cost you £6. On face value, It might sound a little pricey for washing up implements. However, when you balance how long they last for, you’ll quickly realise they are great value for money, as well as a much better option for the planet.

So next time you think you need to restock on your scourers, consider choosing our EcoCoconut Scourers instead of the plastic filled sponges in the supermarkets. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made, for your wallet and the planet.

Also in this range we have the EcoCoconut Dish Brush and Bottle Brush.

Happy washing up!

Hannah x