Our Passion

At Reduce. Reuse. Refurbish by GJF Furnishings we are passionate about sustainability, and are proud to be stockist of plastic free household cleaning products. Our love for upcycling also ties in well with our passion for sustainability so we love to turn old pieces of furniture, into something beautiful and prevent these items from going to the tip. Our drinks bottle lamps also help to find a new use for old drinks bottles to turn them into something stylish, and unique.


When shipping items we re-use packaging received from our stock deliveries to give this another use rather than buying in new packaging. We have also just moved to a plastic free option for tape. This tape is also available to buy on our website.

For furniture deliveries, our couriers use removals blankets to transport the items. This means no packaging used to transport our furniture, whilst still keeping it safe and secure in transit.

In cases where we have surplus packaging materials, we offer them out on our local War on Waste Facebook page as there are always people who require boxes and packaging for moving house. Its great to give these items away for another use, and prevent new boxes being produced and purchased.


We are proud to be able to offer products from sustainable businesses such as Fill & Co, VENT for Change and EcoLiving. We are continually reviewing our suppliers and ensuring that where we stock products from outside, they are a credible sustainable business.